Love at First Sight

Merchandising groups together all techniques to ensure the best commercial distribution of products, taking into account, the buyer’s desires and different strategic commercial strategies (packaging, distribution of products in sales).


Dolce Bianca’s creative team uses its knowledge of quality and puts its expert-eye to the test to offer a space to dream.  Whether you are looking for one of our, already thought-out creations or you need something custom made for a specific space, our designers are ready to take on all challenges.


"The Small Cocoon"

Designed for small spaces including a variety of bed sheets and pillow cases. 

"The Basic"

Designed for a more complete space representing a range of duvets and pillows, including fashion bedding such as pillow cases and bed sheets/duvet covers.


Designed for retailers primarily focused on bedding: duvets, pillows, mattress-protectors, including a collection of neutral shades. 

A space dedicated to a complete range of Bianca's collection, embellished with a touch of pastel-color decor.   

"The Living-Room"