DOLCE Collection

The Dolce collection features our coziest duvets, fluffiest pillows and cloud-like featherbeds in our most luxurious fabrics in the finest European and Canadian hyper-allergenic downs. This collection is exclusively made in our Montreal factory. Only Dolce Bianca can offer you the Dolce Vita sleeping experience.




Trieste Comforter 

Wrap yourself in comfort with our most luxurious comforter. Our classic white goose down comforter features the finest 100% small stripe cotton with double stitched edges and satin piping. This comforter is filled with White Canadian Hutterite Goose Down (800 loft) confectioned with detail in our factory in Montreal.

Starting at $560.00

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Monte Bianco Comforter

Experience the Dolce Vita with our best seller. This soft and fluffy comforter features our finest 400TC cotton sateen fabric with double stitched edges and satin piping. The Monte Bianco offers a deluxe fill with our High Loft European White Down (680+ loft) and a warmth and softness that is second to none.

Starting at $350.00

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Capri Comforter

The Capri is a lighter down comforter inspired by warm weather sleepers who want to sleep cool but enjoy the comfort and coziness of a down comforter. Stitched in a sewn through box construction, the Capri is designed to keep the fluffy down distributed evenly. The Capri features our finest 400TC cotton sateen fabric with double stitched edges and satin piping. This comforter is filled with our High loft European White Down (680+ loft).

Starting at $260.00

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Ferrara Featherbed

Experience luxury with our cloud-like featherbed. The Ferrara is filled with our Soft Hungarian White Goose Feather and Down blend. This ultimate blend of Hungarian goose down (25%) and feather (75%) fill. 

Starting at $478.00


Cortina Down-Free Comforter

Although Dolce Bianca down products are hypoallergenic as a result of our meticulous selection and rigorous cleaning process, Cortina Down-Free Comforter was created for those who may still be sensitive to down and prefer a down-free environment.

Dolce Bianca Down-Free comforters are simply the finest synthetic filled comforter you will find...anywhere! Purely anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic, Cortina Down-Free comforters are constructed with a proprietary, cluster-like polyester fiber that mimics the lofty, lightweight insulating properties of natural down while protecting against dust mites, dander, odors, bacteria and mold. Lustrous cotton ticking and beautifully piped edges provide a level of detail that is synonymous to Dolce Bianca.

Starting at $160

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Trieste Goose Down Pillow

Experience the finest, softest, lightest, most comfortable white goose down pillow in the world.  The shells are down proof and our Canadian Uterite goose down is guaranteed hypoallergenic with no feathers to poke you. Double row stitch edges and a satin corded perimeter add to the luxurious look and feel of this all down pillow. Available in three densities to satisfy stomach, side and back sleepers.

Starting at $259.00


Monte Bianco Down Pillow

This Monte Bianca is a 680+ fill power European white down wrapped in our soft and silky cotton sateen shell. The down in this pillow was selected by the founder of DolceBianca in the scenic French moulard farms in France during a purchasing journey. It is then sent to state-of the art German processor and ultimately sent to Montreal in our blowing facilities in Montreal.  Attention to detail is why the Monte Bianco Pillow is world renowned.

Starting at $139.00

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Classic Azzuri Pillow

The Azzuri Classic is filled with the extraordinary loft of our soft Hungarian White Goose Feather and Down blend wrapped with an Italian finished twill with a feather motif. Each Azurri classic pillow is carefully crafted in Montreal from European components.

Starting at 90.00


Cortina Down-Free Pillow

Even Dolce Bianca down experts are impressed by how closely the Cortina Down-Free Pillows mimic the luxury and cushioning support of highest grade natural goose down filling. Each pillow is filled with Dolce Bianca amazing cluster hypoallergenic microfiber and wrapped in our finely woven 233 thread-count cotton twill ticking with cotton piping. Cortina Down-Free Pillows are available in Soft, Medium or Firm densities.

Starting at $70.00