DB Loft Collection

The DB Loft Collection is an extension of our Dolce Collection and Bianca Collection.  It was first-introduced for our institutional market who seeked our sleeping experience but needed the functional features required for commercial use.  Later, this line was offered to home consumers looking for the same functional and comfortable bedding they find in many of their favorite hotels.


Down Comforters

Crafted with care, the Dolce Bianca Hotel Collection down comforters are perfect for all seasons. Comforter shells are made from 100% cotton fabrics that are pre-shrunk and are sewn and stitched with a box design that prevents the down from rearranging. From all down duvets to feather and down blends, The Hotel Collection feature quality materials that are made to last. 

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Down-Free Comforters

Our Down-Free comforters are 100% hypoallergenic. From Micro denier fiber comforters to silk filled comforters, to wool filled comforters, our sophisticated blends of down-free materials have been developed thoroughly to maximize breath ability, maintain easy, wash well and dry quickly all while maintaining their softness.

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Natural Pillows

The Hotel Natural pillows are created in several densities to accommodate individual sleeping positions. Every feather and down pillow is hand–tailored in our Montreal workroom and we use only the finest, premium down-proof fabrics and top-grade European feather and down, meticulously cleaned, to offer hypoallergenic comfort.

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Down-Free Pillows

Our Hotel Down-Free pillow collection offers many quality down-free materials including small down-like clusters that are designed to wash and maintain well all while still having a soft and comfortable sleep. We offer various fill densities from our Comforel cluster fiber to our Stamina washable fiber blend, our Hotel down-free pillow collection are designed for anyone's sleeping preferences.  


Mattress Protectors

The Hotel collection offers a variety of mattress protectors from our bed bug zippered encasement to our washable stain-free anti-dust mite mattress protectors to our sewn through quilted sleep pad. Our mattress protectors are fully elasticized and skirt fits up to 18 inch thick mattresses. It’s the pinnacle of luxury and the perfect layer for your Dolce Bianca comforters. A proactive way for bed bug protection


Hotel Deluxe 3 in 1 Pillow

Designed by our Dolce Bianca team, the renowned 3 in 1 pillow was developed to satisfy all sleepers. The core includes two  pillows with adjustable weights filled with our soft feathers and down; flexible for sleepers who prefer different densities. The core is wrapped with our luxurious white down all amounting to the perfect blend. 

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Hotel Deluxe 3 in 1 Down-Free Pillow

The 3 in 1  Hotel deluxe down free pillow  was developed to satisfy all sleepers for those who may still be sensitive to down and prefer a down-free environment. The core includes two  pillows with adjustable weights filled with our small cluster fibers. The core is wrapped with our luxurious 400 thread count sateen quilted down free casing.  

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Throw Pillow

Our extraordinarily plush, plump decorator pillows are an opulent finishing touch in any room. We offer a range of over 11 sizes in 3 different fill options to meet your decorating needs. On the outside, smooth cotton twill ticking gives a durable finish. As always, every detail is designed with your pleasure and comfort in mind.


Filler Pillow

Even Dolce Bianca down experts are impressed by how closely our Down-Free fillers mimic the luxury and cushioning support of highest grade natural goose down filling. Each pillow is filled with Dolce Bianca amazing cluster hypoallergenic microfiber and wrapped in our finely woven polypropylene fabric. The filler pillows are available in Soft, Medium or Firm densities.